St. Patrick’s (Heritage) Roman Church

Mass Times: Every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9a.m. and Saturday's at 5p.m.(July and August)

Built by Irish lumbermen and under the guidance of Father Thomas F. Fleming, the impressive stone church at Kearney was completed in 1904 (four years before Kearney was officially incorporated). It was dedicated to Saint Patrick in a solemn ceremony by Bishop R.A. O’Connor.

In 1986, St. Patrick’s Roman Church was officially designated as a Heritage site, and restoration of the windows was completed in 1987.

St. Patrick’s Roman Church is located at 89 Rain Lake Rd and is the only heritage building in Kearney. 

For more information, St. Patrick’s Roman Church can be contacted at: (705) 636-5334 

St. Patrick’s Parish Picture Gallery

Two images separate by text description. The top image is a monochrome interior of St. Patrick's Roman Church. The bottom has a group of people posing outside of the church.
Cover of a book detailing the centennial of the St Patrick's Parish. The cover contains a monochrome exterior image of the church.
Interior of St Patrick's Roman Church. The ceilings a tall and vaulted. There is a crucifix behind the altar at the back fo the church.
Exterior of St Patrick's Church. The church is situated on top of a hill.