Visiting Kearney

Just 20 minutes north of Huntsville, our friendly and inviting town hosts a variety of year-round activities and events offering plenty of  accommodations, restaurants, and amenities.  Well-resourced with pristine waters, lush forests, beautiful northern scenery, and three entrances to Algonquin Provincial Park, Kearney is a year-round getaway for people with busy lifestyles. Whether you are planning to attend one of our annual events, or simply getting away from your hectic routine, Kearney has all you require to make your visit a dream come true!  

Tourist Information:

Algonquin Park

Map view of Algonquin Provincial Park

Three entrances to Algonquin Provincial Park  are accessed through Kearney, Algonquin Park offers a host of activities including camping, hiking, biking, boating, and fishing!

Algonquin Park Office – Open from mid April to end of October

8 Main Street

Kearney, ON P0A 1M0